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“Farmstyle hospitality in close proximity to all major attractions in the Northern Drakensberg. Artistic and off beat décor complement the tranquil and natural beauty of the area with magic pizzas and pasta to make your stay more memorable.”

Tower of Pizza
The Tower of Pizza


“Taking the cake or in this case the pie, the TOWER OF PIZZA, on the road to The National Park is worth the rare extravagance of a B&B on a backpacking couple’s budget. Boldy coloured rooms with moody lighting are sexy and rustic; a frog marionette sits in the lounge to chaperone one’s fireside chats.”

Tower of Pizza from entrance
The view when you arrive…

Lonely Planet

“Yep, there really is a tower and they really do serve (very good) pizza in it. They also offer comfortable rooms and an Internet Café. The Tower is right next to Hlalanathi.

Tower of Pizza Accommodation
Tower of Pizza Accommodation